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The US Assistant Secretary of State for Arab Gulf Affairs, Timothy Landarking, said that Washington hopes to move forward by declaring Qatar a major non-NATO ally. 

“We will go ahead and work on declaring Qatar a major non-NATO ally,” he said in his interview with reporters Thursday, a position that allows countries to benefit from advantages in the field of military trade and security coordination.

It is noteworthy that Qatar signed, on January 18, 2018, a security agreement with NATO; It provides a framework for protecting the exchange of information between the two sides.

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In May 2016, Qatar delivered to NATO the document for the Individual Partnership and Cooperation Program between the State of Qatar and NATO, which was approved by the Qatari government at the time.

Qatar’s relationship with NATO is based on the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative, which dates back to June 2004, and aims to contribute to long-term security, whether at the global or regional level, by offering practical cooperation in the field of security.