Watch: muslim cabbie beaten by couple on new year morning


A Muslim taxi driver was attacked by a couple on the first day of the New Year in UK’s Derby area.

According to the Daily Mail, the unfortunate taxi driver  – Shahid Iqbal – was punched and bitten by the couple after he removed them from his taxi over refusing to pay the $8.6 (7 pounds) fare.

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The woman retaliated by allegedly trying to grab the steering wheel and demanding 80 pounds ‘for her children’, claimed the 50-year-old cabbie.

Iqbal added that she tried to bite his hand to prevent him from calling the police.

A video of the incident surfaced online as one of the passers by recorded and shared it online. Iqbal said a group of large men just watched him being assaulted for ‘entertainment’.

The horrific incident took place in Normanton, Derby on the morning of January 1, 2017.

In the video, a men approaches the driver’s car as he is scuffling with the woman. The video has received nearly 1,000 views at the time of filing this report.

Rather than help, he knocks on the window and sings rap lyrics to get his attention. The woman then leans over and slaps Mr Iqbal hard in the face as he opens his door to get out.

The woman furiously steps out of the cab and starts abusing Iqbal.

As the cabbie tries to defend himself, her boyfriend threatens him for touching his partner.

The hooded man storms across the road and punches Iqbal in the face.

His partner joins in the attack before the man lands a second powerful blow to his cheek.

Commenting on the incident, the taxi driver of ten years said he was disgusted the crowd did not intervene and ‘laughed’ as he was being beaten, adding that it was the first time he was attacked on duty.

“It was a horrific journey. On the way, the woman put her feet on the dashboard. I politely asked if she could put them down. She didn’t like that and told me they didn’t have any money. I took her to a cash point and asked her to get some out but she said it didn’t work. I carried on driving but she suddenly lunged across me and tried to take the steering wheel. She said she wanted to drive and demanded money from me. She shouted: “Where’s my money? Give me £80 for my children” – Iqbal

Tormented by the incident, the cabbie is contemplating resigning – out of fear of being attacked again.

The local police said it had arrested and bailed a woman on suspicion of attempted robbery, pending further investigations.

Watch the video of the incident here: