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Excerpt from President  speech yesterday:

– I have many enemies. Some are very strong and rich.
– I am the only president to do this.
– So you will not see me for a while.

Sources (Yesterday evening New York time – midnight iran time):

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What is the new york errand just 90 days to go to the election? Does Elliott want to overthrow That’s A.B.C.? I have a strong enemy so you will not see me for a while, what does that mean? Will That Be With Elith? He is better to know that when John Kandi (the most popular president in American history) fell with Elite for six months, he was murdered. He know that when The King said in an interview with Mike Dallas on the LIVE NETWORK’s “60 Minutes” program of Elite’s influence on foreign policy and in the Us Congress, it was not a year since the Shah’s rule collapsed. Ibrahim Lincoln, Matheryn Luthor King, Maleklem X, Bill Clinton and others also experienced the result of falling with Elith.

It’s not simple TomP. What does he mean by that? What’s behind the scenes of global politics?

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n a press conference on Thursday, August 6, at the Whirlpool Factor, President Donald Trump told a group of supporters that because of his “rich enemies,” his speech at the press conference might be the last time that they’ll see him for a while. Watch the moment he said this in a video below and learn more about what happened.

Trump Said People Might Not See Him Soon & He Has a Lot of ‘Rich Enemies’

The statement was made during Trump’s remarks at the Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing Plant. Here’s the full context around what he said, according to the White House transcript:

You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product, and it has to be good product.  But the middlemen — well, the rebate that I’m doing cuts out the middlemen, and it reduces costs, and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs.

So I have a lot of enemies out there.  This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while.  A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing.  But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do.  No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost.  Nobody.  And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy.

You can watch the moment he made the statement in the video below:

You can watch the video of his full speech below.

President Trump Delivers Remarks at Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing PlantClyde, Ohio2020-08-06T23:18:18Z

Trump visited the Whirlpool plant on August 6 in Sandusky County, and supporters lined up on U.S. 20 to welcome him with campaign signs, NBC 24 reported. During his speech, Trump talked about how his trade policy would help the manufacturing industry.

Trump Wore a Mask During His Whirlpool Tour

Trump toured the Whirlpool plant and met the CEO and some employees before his speech. During his tour, he wore a face mask.

Trump has recently come out in strong public support of face masks. On July 20, Trump tweeted that it was patriotic to wear a face mask, while sharing a photo wearing one.

Trump wrote:

We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus, and many people say that it is Patriotic to wear a face mask when you can’t socially distance. There is nobody more Patriotic than me, your favorite President!

Trump has had a lot to say about masks over the last few months. In May, he appeared to make fun of Joe Biden for wearing a mask when he retweeted a tweet from Fox News analyst Brit Hume, who made fun of how Biden looked in a mask, CBS News reported. But Trump later said he never made fun of Biden for wearing a mask, the New York Times reported. Trump insisted that he wouldn’t criticize Biden for wearing a mask, The Hill reported. After Memorial Day, Trump said: “Biden can wear a mask, but he was standing outside with his wife, perfect conditions, perfect weather. They’re inside they don’t wear masks. And so I thought it was very unusual that he had it on. But I thought that was fine. I wasn’t criticizing him at all. Why would I do a thing like that?”

After his speech at Whirlpool, Trump attended a fundraising event in Cleveland, NBC 24 reported.

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