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The State of Qatar continues its commitment to ensuring the welfare of workers, which is one of the most important pillars of the human legacy of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, as Qatar has proven that it is committed to its pledges that it has announced since winning the historic hosting of the World Cup.
The Supreme Committee for Projects and Legacy affirmed that the state’s announcement of setting a minimum wage and facilitating the transition between different employers, which comes as a continuation of the state’s efforts to protect the rights of both employers and their workers alike, enhances once again the State’s fulfillment of its obligations in caring for workers and ensuring their rights to become A pioneer in its surroundings at the level of labor welfare stemming from the human heritage of the state.
Qatar has become a distinct destination for workers around the world and has also become a model that all countries of the world should follow that have foreign workers, especially since the procedures and privileges that the state grants here to the migrant worker are absolutely unprecedented and stem from a clear belief in the right of the migrant worker to work within a healthy work environment. And safe at all levels.