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The State of Qatar has implemented strict policies for the attestation of educational documents, by asking the document holder to provide a bonafide letter from the college or university verifying the authenticity of the certificate. This letter needs to be attested from the competent government authorities in the home country along with the final mark list in order to get the original certificate attested. This is done to verify the authenticity and originality of the certificate.

A bonafide letter or certificate is obtained from the college or university and must state that the document holder is a regular full-time student of that institution and must confirm the genuinity of the certificate, along with the below details:
Student Name
Name of the Degree
University Name
Mode of Study: Regular- Full time or Part time, distance or Correspondence education
Duration of Course
Year of Admission and Year of Passing

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Documents Required:
Original Certificate
Mark Sheet or Transcript
Bonafide Letter
Passport Copy

The bonafide letter needs to be submitted along with the Mark Sheet and Course Certificate for attestation from all the government departments (Notary attestation, State Home Ministry, Central Home Ministry and External Affairs Ministry, and Qatar Embassy) before it will be attested from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar(MOFA). …