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Activists of social media platforms in Lebanon shared a thermal video clip of the Beirut port explosion explaining the fall of a missile before the massive second explosion that occurred on Tuesday, which resulted in tens of deaths, thousands of wounded and massive destruction in most of the Lebanese capital.

 The video, which received thousands of posts on the pages of the communication sites and on the WhatsApp application after hours after its publication, and the accompanying commentary said, “Thermal imaging shows accurately that the Beirut port was subjected to shelling from the air, but the clip is not thermal imaging, but it is modified to appear with a copy of Negative in white. And black, according to Agence France-Presse.

The publishers of this video claim that it is a “thermal imaging” that shows a missile landing on the Beirut port before the moment of the massive explosion, but the clip is manipulated so that its colors are changed and a missile is added to it. In the video, black and white smoke appears from an unclear location to hit the site by a missile (timing 0 : 06) before a huge explosion.

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The spread of the passage also comes with false news about the announcement by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of responsibility for the explosion of the Beirut port, while this passage also spread on communication sites in Lebanon in light of reports that people in areas adjacent to the port heard warplanes sound in the sky shortly before the explosion. .


The video circulation began two days after the explosion, which resulted from the storage of 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate in a warehouse in the Beirut port without any measures of prevention, according to the Lebanese authorities.

The fact that the missile appeared

After cutting the video to fixed scenes, the inspection conducted by the France Press fact-finding team indicated that it was posted on YouTube hours before it was shared on Facebook, in a channel called Ronald.

The channel contains only this video and another video that compares between the Beirut explosion and the bombing scenes on Syria, and the channel has banned the possibility of users commenting on the two clips, which raises doubts that the owner of the channel wanted to avoid any comment from users that warns of fraud.

After converting one of the footage into a picture in natural color, I guide the search for it to a longer version of the video, published in natural color with the CNN camera, but there is no trace of the missile before the explosion occurred in the original clip (the second 19), and it can be seen that it was installed on the manipulated video The colors were modified to support the prevailing claim that it was the Israeli bombing that led to the port explosion.

It is reported that another composite video of a missile hitting the Beirut port has spread, where the clip shows a burning fire, then a massive explosion is preceded by the appearance of a missile that falls at the site of the explosion, but the missile that appears and disappears at a glance is installed on the original video.