A WhatsApp message of a woman has led to the bursting of a prostitution racket in Dubai. It involved a Bangladeshi security guard and others whose identity are yet to be known, the 27-year-old guard was charged with human trafficking who allegedly lured two Kyrgyz women to travel to Dubai promising jobs as maids and then forcing them into prostitution.

One of the women had sent the message to her brother who informed the police which eventually led to the whole discovery of the prostitution ring. Victims were picked up from the Dubai International Airport after which they were forced to have sex with men for money.

The case was reported to Al Barsha police on July last year. A police corporal told the public prosecution investigation: “We went to the flat on the day the complaint was filed. A man and a woman were at the door of the flat and they told us that they were working for Kyrgyzstan consulate.”

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“The two consulate employees told us that they were contacted by relatives of two Kyrgyz women who had arrived in Dubai a few days earlier and were held up against their will in a flat and forced to work as prostitutes.”

A camera was also spotted which was hidden in a light outside the flat and the screen was placed at the guard’s table. He tried to convince that the flat was used to run a massage business and his role was to welcome customers.

One of the victims explained: “Four men who came to take our bags threatened us not to scream. We were surprised to see the massage flat. A customer came and we were told to stand up so he could pick a woman. He chose my friend but she refused to go inside with him and cried.”

The other girl said: “I sent a WhatsApp message to my brother in my home country seeking help. He contacted the consulate here.”

The trial has been adjourned to February 7.