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Amid an optimistic Gulf atmosphere that the Gulf crisis will soon end, Bahrain is issuing actions that raise surprising and remarkable question marks.
On November 25, the marine units of the Ministry of the Interior stopped two Bahraini boats after spotting them inside the Qatari waters, and Manama justified the incident that the two boats lost contact and that their devices had broken down while they were conducting a marine exercise, despite the fact that the location of the two Bahraini boats was located opposite to the site of the exercise that was previously announced.

Yesterday, less than two weeks later, the coast and border security patrols stopped a Bahraini cruiser in the Fasht al-Dibal area within the borders of the Qatari waters with 1.3 nautical miles, and this time 3 sailors on board the cruiser were fishing by gargirers, one of them a Bahraini and two Asians, and they were referred, in addition to Seizures, for the competent prosecution to complete the legal procedures against them.

These questionable incidents coincide with media facts monitored by those who follow Bahrain’s newspapers, and their frequency increases surprisingly, despite the Gulf and global optimism with indications suggesting the Gulf crisis will be resolved and the heralds announced by His Highness the Emir of the sisterly State of Kuwait and the welcome of the Gulf countries, President Trump, Arab and foreign countries, and many international organizations. Manama and its newspapers continue to publish reports that disturb the positive winds blowing into the region, and it raises a great question seeking an answer: Why does Bahrain intend to sabotage the efforts for reconciliation and solution? Why do you want to be the pick for demolition despite the fact that everyone agreed that the Gulf crisis is on its way to a solution?
Despite the knowledge of many of the orientations of an extremist right-wing researcher known for his hateful racism towards Arabs and Muslims, and even his American citizens avoid him, what Jordan Cobb writes about Qatar finds echo and welcome in the Manama newspapers, and the Bahraini newspaper “Akhbar Al Khaleej” in its issue on Friday, December 11th, gave him the opportunity to play discord Against global trends, calling for a halt to any efforts at reconciliation in the Gulf.

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It is well known to all the racism of Jordan Cobb for everything that is Arab and Islamic and is expected to refuse to complete the reconciliation So that the Gulf remains to his liking, as he said: Reconciliation is only good if its conditions are specific and implemented. The researcher advised the four countries, saying, “The boycotting countries of Qatar should not agree to reconciliation until Doha stops supporting terrorism, which is something that cannot be tolerated, otherwise the efforts of the Quartet will go. Down the drain. “
What does Bahrain want from that? Do you want to continue the climate of crisis in the region? Does her narrow interest require that? And why is she the only one who pours oil on the fire, and does not want sincere efforts to succeed?

Enticing tones

Playing on the same inflammatory tone, the writer Abdel Moneim Ibrahim’s article in Gulf News came 3 days ago to question the reconciliation by asking him: “Will Qatar strictly and seriously adhere to what will be agreed upon in the reconciliation?” Without presenting a single evidence of his accusations, Ibrahim started making fabrications about Qatar. New suspicious gloves that carry out security tampering, media incitement, and support for terrorist groups to tamper with the security and stability of the quartet countries. In the same inciting manner, the Bahraini newspaper Al-Watan started spreading accusations without evidence against the Qatar Charity that it finances terrorism even though the charity is known to the United Nations and has entered into partnerships with the international organization and its affiliated organizations and all its work in broad daylight, but Manama and its newspapers have another opinion that is not understood. If this comes as part of its efforts to disturb the atmosphere of reconciliation?

How do I fix you?

Under the heading “Qatar … How do I reconcile you with this effect of your treachery?” Muhammed Al-Mahmeed began to question the efforts of the Gulf reconciliation, saying: How can any Bahraini citizen today be convinced of a solution to the crisis he described as Qatar? Calling “the Gulf brothers to look at the issue from all its aspects, and that the Bahraini people are sufficient for what they have presented for the sake of the Gulf interest, and the time has come for everyone to realize the Bahraini interest as well related to its sovereignty, historical rights, security and stability.” To the Kingdom of Bahrain and its brotherly people? Now, after all these strange behavior from Bahrain, the question remains: Why is the atmosphere in the Gulf heading towards positivity except in Bahrain ?!