Whoever pours water on a burning fire is not like someone who pours oil on it to increase burning and flare illuminating a path of fire and ruin, on the way to its end an Emirati hand stained with the destruction of a Gulf house that was known 3 years ago as the only Arab castle for cohesion, unity and solidity in light of the exceptional circumstances that the region and the world pass through. .

Welcome to Abu Dhabi. Here, there is no place for conciliation or ending a dispute or a contract for settlement. Dialogue means the end of its politicians and those who engineer its policy, godfathers of war and intent on discrimination in every land reached by someone who leads the helm of government, to announce the end of a diplomatic project under American sponsorship to end the Gulf crisis as Western reports revealed ..

Here, the Gulf citizen asks what is the interest of the UAE in keeping the Gulf house burning with its fuel, the blockade of Qatar and its restrictions on land, sea and air? What is the benefit that Abu Dhabi will gain from the continued defection of the Saudi brothers from their families in Qatar as well as in Bahrain and of course in the Emirates? ..

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In fact, the answer to these questions is still hostage to the closed rooms of Mohammed bin Zayed, but many analyzes that were accompanied by a lot of evidence may open in one way or another a window through which they can dive into the rooms of bin Zayed and his lining and those who surround him and how they think and where they want to reach ..

Conspiracy, sedition and preoccupation with everyone ..

Observers confirm that Abu Dhabi plays a suspicious role in exacerbating the internal Gulf dispute and obstructing endeavors to end it in the service of its ambitions and conspiracies based on spreading sedition and incitement.

The UAE conspired not only against Qatar, but also extended to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf and Arab countries. Relations between Abu Dhabi and Riyadh have never witnessed a state of serenity or harmony.

The Saudi-Emirati differences are no longer a secret, especially with the UAE’s increasing military and financial influence in the region, and it aspires to rise to the throne of the new Middle East, which pushes Riyadh to work its crisis with Qatar without ending it.

We cannot forget the leaked WikiLeaks documents that revealed the decision-making circles in the United States that Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed incited American officials to the kings and princes of Saudi Arabia, while pretending publicly that he was an ally of the Kingdom and that relations between him and officials in Riyadh in the best condition.

At the same time, Wikileaks published another document in which the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, mocked Saudi officials. The document stated that the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince said to an American official: “90% of the Saudi people are waiting for the Americans after they finish Iraq to change them.” Al Saud”.

Distort Qatar and exhaust the kingdom

It is clear from the attempts to solve the Gulf dispute that many endeavors tried to bridge the points of view between Riyadh and Doha, that these attempts have not failed and ended dramatically, and after days the international reports come out to reveal that Abu Dhabi is the one obstructing any attempt at a Saudi-Qatari rapprochement 

The UAE has sought to achieve several goals through the Gulf crisis, the first of which is hitting its regional opponents by planting differences between Saudi Arabia and Qatar by portraying Doha as an unreliable partner and with ulterior motives that could harm Saudi Arabia.

Abu Dhabi is also working on the success of its plan to maintain the division between Qatar and its brothers in the Gulf, specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the one hand, and the Kingdom itself being exhausted on the other hand so that it can impose its word and pass its agendas in the region.

The second goal is to win the support of decision-makers in the West, especially the United States of America. Abu Dhabi has focused a lot of efforts in diplomatic campaigns accompanied by political and media pressure, and these campaigns aim to disrupt the real causes of the Gulf dispute and try to keep the international parties away from Doha.

Here, the Gulf reader must be reminded of what the Emirates did when the 2018 launchers launched a hashtag entitled “Saudi Arabia and Qatar for one people” as an expression of the historical ties between the two countries. The electronic battalions and electronic flies in the UAE attacked this mark severely to prevent any calm between the two countries. The singers also launched the marking “Emirates is the basis of the problem”, expressing their opinions on the causes of the Gulf crisis that resulted in the imposition of the embargo on Qatar.

The singers then exchanged views and analyzes about the repercussions of the crisis and its consequences, as they stressed that all facts indicate that the UAE is the basis of the problem and it was the one that created it with the aim of striking relations between Qatar and its brothers in the Gulf, as well as curbing the march of economic development in Qatar and to stop the successes of smart Qatari diplomacy that has become competing Big powers, and to let Qatar’s hand extended to the benefit of Arab countries and the world as a whole.

Control of Bin Salman and the Saudi decision,
and many see that the man behind Muhammad bin Salman to abort any attempt to end the Gulf crisis is Mohammed bin Zayed, and here the British writer David Hurst says in an article published by the British “Middle East Eye” website that Mohammed bin Zayed is still He holds and leads Muhammad bin Salman, and that although bin Zayed is the mastermind behind the policies of the Saudi crown prince, it is the Saudi state that bears the greatest burden.

Hurst says that the Emirati Crown Prince will do his utmost to thwart any Saudi deal with Qatar, because he knows full well that any solution might put the UAE outside the map of the region.

Here, it has become certain that Abu Dhabi needs to hide under Riyadh until the time comes to become the de facto ruler of the Sunni Arab world. Therefore, it is not certain that the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Qatar will not be in the interest of Abu Dhabi, or in the presence of Mohammed bin Zayed, Muhammad bin Zayed needs conflict In order to have influence, it will not have any value without Saudi Arabia, and without Muhammad bin Salman in particular.