Why Doha, Qatar is so rich?

Doha and Qatar, in general, are very widely known for the fact that the country is super-rich. But that being said, not a lot of people know where this richness came from. We are here to shed some light on why is Doha so rich and why we should consider going there in the first place.
In just 50 years or so, this peninsula has gone from a very small fishing country to an oil giant. The country now has the highest per capita gross domestic product in the world at around $98800. So it’s easy to see that most people here are actually having a great income, and that’s mostly due to oil.
While Doha and Qatar, in general, are expanding to new markets, the thing to consider here is that oil was discovered by accident during the 50s and 60s, and since then it was rather clear that this is a huge industry to work with. And you will notice that most of the wealth here actually comes from oil, petroleum and selling this type of product to the market. It’s the off-shore oil fields that are delivering great income right now, at the cost of destroying the environment. Oil production is very taxing for the entire environment and we really need to find the right ways to handle it correctly. It’s not going to be easy, but results will shine and Doha is a prime example of that.
However, you can’t become rich as a country unless you have leaders that know how to invest in everything. The challenge comes from having a dedicated plan that will bring in growth and value to the country. And in this case, there is a plan and something that truly works to your advantage. It’s safe to say that people in Doha have been dealing with problems for a very long time and having a source of income like this can be of great assistance.
Thankfully Doha continues to grow and evolve and we can finally bring in some amazing results and benefits due to that. It’s certainly not an easy thing to handle a country’s riches but Qatar managed to do that and they learned how to tackle their money and investments from people in other regions. That really goes to show their reliability, professionalism and just how dedicated they are to make their country great.
While many other countries struggle, Qatar continues to rise to the top and they are actually integrating a metro system very soon. This shows just how dedicated they are to growing as a country and evolving. It’s definitely a challenge for them, but one of those things that will make it work really well.
Doha is at the forefront of Qatar’s growth because it’s the capital, so most of the wealthy people are here. This brought in quite the influx of money and it’s a great and exciting, beautiful place to live in as well.