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The ORBUS Foundation for Ophthalmology, a British-Qatari partnership, has achieved outstanding successes in 2019.


Where the project contributed to diagnosing the cases of nearly 1.9 million people from 12 countries worldwide, including 86% of them children, and 158,000 people were treated for blindness, and the Foundation’s spokesperson, “Sonal Patel” to the east, stated that the foundation had collected Nearly 1.4 million pounds during the past year, along with government support for the British aid program.

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“Patel” explained that the donations obtained by the Foundation will contribute to treating millions of people who were unable to obtain treatment to protect them from blindness, and indicated in her statements that the Orbis medical team has provided medical training to more than 55 thousand people from the medical teams and the nursing team Who work in the treatment of blindness around the world.

Flying hospital arrives in Zambia

On the other hand, the Flying Eye Treatment Hospital arrived in Zambia, where it provides treatment for people with needs and the weak, and provided a number of medical training for the nursing team working in the field of eye treatment in Zambia, and Dr. Lee Alward, a specialist in the treatment of blindness, examined dozens of people Those who waited until the Flying Hospital arrived in Zambia to be examined during the pandemic, and mentioned in his comment on his participation in the Flying Hospital’s visit to Zambia, saying Dr. Lee Allward said that he prefers the way the Orbis Foundation project works to treat blindness in which he seeks to develop medical work And the delivery of medical supplies necessary to perform surgeries in sight, especially in glaucoma.
Dr. Alward emphasized that providing the necessary medical training for medical teams working in the field of vision loss in all countries of the world is the best way to combat vision loss, especially for societies that are unable to afford treatment in their countries, and he pointed out that these medical efforts provided by the Orbis Foundation For the treatment of blindness loss is the best way to provide urgent assistance to those people in need of treatment all over the world, and Dr. “Allward” thanked the people in charge of the Flying Hospital project, which provides these services to treat blindness in many countries of the world, from “Phaco” devices “Laser equipment and all medical equipment that helps ophthalmologists and nursing teams do their work to combat and treat blindness.
The Qatari-British partnership in the field of fighting blindness is the result of the initiative launched by the “Qatar Development Fund” in 2016, in partnership with the British “Orbis” Foundation to combat blindness and eye diseases in developing countries, which bore the name “Qatar makes vision”, during which it was allocated during Qatar $ 8 million to equip the “Flying Hospital” project, which contributes to treating millions of children, adults and elderly people living in developing countries who suffer from eye diseases, in addition to providing adequate treatment for them. The Qatari contribution also included providing modern medical training to the local medical work team In developing countries, as well as providing research programs and medical practice training for the Orbis Foundation’s team to combat eye diseases in developing countries.