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On Saturday, August 5, 2020, the Turkish Ministry of Defense said that new exercises will be conducted this time accompanied by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus under the name “Mediterranean Storm”, between 6 and 10 September 2020. 

The Ministry of Defense said that its Peace Forces Command in Cyprus and the Command of Security Forces of the Republic of Northern Cyprus will launch exercises in northern Cyprus. According to Anatolia.

The aim of the “Mediterranean Storm” maneuvers is to develop mutual training, cooperation and work together between the forces of the two countries, with the participation of Turkish air, land and sea forces, according to the statement.

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The exercises include joint and active training on air strikes, combat search and rescue operations, and others.  

The holding of the maneuvers comes at a time when Greece announced, on Friday 4 September, that there are no scheduled talks between it and Turkey to ease the increasing tensions between the two countries in the eastern Mediterranean, denying what was previously announced by NATO that it would host “technical talks” between Athens and Ankara. To solve this crisis.

Agence France-Presse said that the Greek Foreign Ministry announced in a statement that “the information that has been disclosed regarding supposed technical negotiations in NATO does not correspond to reality.”

For its part, Turkey had said through its Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, that it was ready for dialogue with Greece to resolve disputes over rights and resources in the Mediterranean, as long as Athens was ready for this.