WOQOD RAMADAN CSR Project “Gratitude for Gas Station Attendants “(GFGSA)

Doha Qatar- 29 June 2016 (WQ) – On the occasion of Ramadan Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) continued the CSR Project named ‘Gratitude for Gas Station Attendants. This was in cooperation with group of volunteered ladies and with members of WOQOD PR team.

The project aimed to show Gratitude for Gas Station attendants in Qatar, for their hard work and dedication by gifting them with a small bag of essential items. Primarily the campaign targeted fuel pump attendants and this year efforts were made to reach attendants of all gas stations in Qatar.

A gratitude bag with essential items like T-shirt and a cap, packaged disposable razor, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, small hand towel, antibacterial soap and shampoo, hair comb, sun protection lotion and a sunglass were packed with a “Thank You” card written in English and Hindi that says “Dear Brother, Please accept our humble gift in appreciation for all the hard work you do for us and for our country, Best Regards from WOQOD team”.

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WOQOD RAMADAN CSR Project “Gratitude for Gas Station Attendants “

The campaign aims to encourage public during the holy month of Ramadan to distribute gratitude bags as gifts with basic essential items to attendants at petrol stations. We urge people to come forward in the ‘Gratitude for Gas Station Attendants’ project by filling reusable bag with essential items, while handing over, the public is encouraged to post pictures on Instagram and other social media channels with the hashtag #Gratitude For Gas Station Attendants, to raise awareness and encourage good deeds.

Other Ramadan CSR initiatives of Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) included distribution of 4000 Iftar boxes through WOQOD petrol stations, sponsoring of Charity Iftar – RAF Mobile Iftar, distribution of Garangao bags through WOQOD petrol stations and donation to Qatar Foundation for Elderly Care.