WOQOD stocks up on LPG for Ramadan – urges customers to switch to Shafaf.

Qatar (WQ): Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) today announced that it is fully prepared for the increase in LPG demand for cooking over Ramadan with the provision of an additional 250,000 Shafaf LPG cylinders in stock now.

WOQOD CEO Engineer Ibrahim Al Kuwari stated today, “ During Ramadan we always see an increase in LPG demand as families prepare for cooking family meals during the Holy month. We have planned for this additional demand by increasing the number of Shafaf LPG cylinders available for our customers to buy. With around 650,000 LPG cylinders in the market today, WOQOD has an additional 250,000 new Shafaf LPG cylinders ready for our customers now.”

Al Kuwari continued: “It is our intention to have all steel cylinders replaced by Shafaf within a year from now. We are running, at WOQOD service stations and selected supermarkets, a promotion where, if customers bring their steel LPG cylinder, we will give a QR 100 discount off the price of a new Shafaf LPG cylinder.

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“Shafaf LPG cylinders weigh less than half that of a steel cylinder, 6 kgs compared to 17 kgs. They are easier to carry and cleaner as they do not rust over time, like steel cylinders. But the main advantage of Shafaf LPG cylinders is that they do not explode in a fire. A recent fire test carried out under the supervision of Civil Defense clearly demonstrates this.”

“Shafaf is available from all WOQOD service stations, over 230 supermarkets across Qatar and now from the LPG private delivery trucks who deliver both steel and Shafaf LPG cylinders. During the Ramadan period WOQOD will run additional deliveries to make sure that Shafaf LPG cylinders are available for this busiest time of the year.”