Achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires the involvement of youths who have acquired knowledge, leadership skills and innovation and their participation in thinking, planning and strategy-making, an official has asserted.
“The SDGs couldn’t be achieved without meeting optimum standards in education and other sectors,” Dr Mohamed Saif al-Kuwari, director, Environmental and Municipal Studies Institute at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, told Gulf Times on the sidelines of the Doha Islamic Youth Forum recently.
Dr al-Kuwari, who highlighted the role of youth in achieving sustainable development as a global demand on the second day of the forum, said society needs the contributions of youths on its journey towards attaining the SDGs.
“Youths are agents of change and their potential should be tapped for ensuring sustainable development and improving the standard of human life,” he said.
“The United Nations has set 17 goals for sustainable development that address aspects of economic, social, environmental, political and human rights development. The goals include eradicating poverty and hunger, achieving food security, providing health and education, combating inequality and preserving the environment. Achieving these goals is not an easy task and it’s possible only through the engagement of young people,” he added.
Dr al-Kuwari said the goals could be achieved with the promotion of participation of youths with qualities such as leadership, innovation, thought and criticism.
He added that the youth are getting due representation in administration, planning and strategy-making in the Arab and Islamic world. “There is a good opportunity for youth in the Islamic world as they are given befitting consideration in all sectors.”