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The French-speaking “zone bourse” website published a report in which it praised the Qatari-Mozambican relations with regard to the energy sector, stressing the effective role that Doha plays in promoting this field in the capital, Maputo, through Qatar Petroleum’s participation in three projects to explore for natural gas in Mozambique. , In the forefront of which is that of the A5A region in the Ingushetia marine basin, in which Qatar acquires a share estimated at 25.5%, noting that Qatari exploration projects in Mozambique are carried out in partnership with a number of the largest establishments operating in this field, including France’s Total and Italy’s ENI, which will facilitate Without any doubt, these investments will accelerate the process of access to gas, which will definitely change the nature of the economy in Mozambique.

The report, while noting the efforts made by Qatar Petroleum to move the energy sector in Mozambique forward, was based on the statements of Mr. Florival Mocaf, President of the Mozambique Oil and Gas Chamber, in which he stressed the importance of the presence of large companies, headed by Qatar Petroleum, in the Mozambican exploration areas, referring to the experience The company has a lot in the success of such projects, after it had previously participated in the discovery of many wells, whether in its local department or at the level of different countries, not to mention that it has huge capabilities in managing the stages after the discovery of energy products, which qualifies it Even to help Mozambique commercialize its great LNG wealth in the future.

The President of Mozambique’s Oil and Gas Chamber called upon his country to benefit from the Qatari experience and emulate it to develop the energy sector, and to turn it into one of the most important sources of income for the state in the next stage, which will certainly contribute to strengthening the Mozambican economy, hitting the remarkable development it has achieved The Qatari economy in recent years, thanks to Doha’s focus on benefiting from all of its natural resources, which increased the size of its financial capabilities in the past period.