24 Mar 2018 – 10:28


DOHA: Qatar National Counter-Terrorism Committee, established in 2007, yesterday announced it has published the National List of Terrorist Classification which includes the classification and listing of 20 individuals and 8 entities.

This announcement comes in accordance with Decree-Law No. 11 of 2017, which amends certain provisions of Law No. 3 of 2004 on Combating Terrorism.

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The amendment provides for the inclusion of individuals and entities to whom the provisions of the law apply in published lists, which is consistent with the requirements of the Security Council and which applies to all states.

It is worth mentioning that the State of Qatar has always been implementing Security Council resolutions and penalties since the establishment of the National Counter-Terrorism Committee in 2007.

The efforts of the State of Qatar in the fight against terrorism, the drying up of its funding and the treatment of its roots continue and regional and international coordination is underway.

In this context, we remind that the State of Qatar is a signatory to the Agreement Establishing the Anti-Terrorist Financing Center in Riyadh, which comprises the GCC States and the United States of America.

In this framework, the State of Qatar participated in the first meeting of the Terrorist Financing Targeting Center (TFTC) in Kuwait, attended by all the GCC members and the United States on March between 5 and 6 2018, which was positive, constructive and prevailed by the spirit of cooperation and consensus among GCC countries.

The State of Qatar remains an active member of the international coalition against ISIS, and its efforts go beyond confronting terrorist organisations to comprehensively tackle the phenomenon of terrorism. This requires the prevention of this phenomenon by empowering young people economically and equipping them with right and balanced knowledge so that they do not fall prey to extremist groups.

Finally, The State of Qatar has recently signed a number of important agreements to combat terrorism and violent extremism with a number of countries, notably the recent agreements and memorandums of understanding signed during the Qatar-US Strategic Dialogue in January 2018.