DOHA: Three days of national mourning will be observed in honor of Sheikh Khalifa, who was the grandfather of the current Emir, QNA reports.

Qatar to observe three days of mourning after the former emir, who ruled for more than 20 years, passed away at 84.
This means that any special events are likely to be canceled and flags will fly at half-mast on public buildings. However, schools and workplaces should remain open as normal.
The Diwan’s statement was short and did not given any further details about the circumstances of the former Emir’s death.
Funeral prayers are expected to be held today (Monday).
Sheikh Khalifa ruled Qatar for 23 years, from 1972 until 1995. He lived in France until he returned to Qatar 12 years ago.
Sheikh Khalifa was born in Al Rayyan in 1932 and served as the country’s education minister before becoming deputy Emir.
He was named as Heir Apparent in October 1960. That decade, he also served as Qatar’s prime minister and minister of finance.
He took power in 1972 after succeeding his cousin and just a year after Qatar gained its independence from the United Kingdom.