Amazing story about Iranian, Iraqi soldiers
‘My Enemy, My Brother’

When I first met Zahed Haftlang and Najah Aboud in Vancouver back in 2012, they seemed like any other Middle Eastern immigrants settling into new lives: Zahed was working as a mechanic, while Najah ran a small furniture moving company. But when I sat down with them over cups of mint tea, their story moved me to tears. I’ve been helping them tell it ever since.

Zahed Haftlang was only 13 when he joined Iran’s Basij force to fight in the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s. The conflict was among the most brutal of the 20th century – one wrought with chemical weapons, ballistic missiles and cadres of child soldiers. After a deadly battle, Zahed found an enemy Iraqi soldier critically injured in a bunker and committed an astonishing act of mercy. It would change the path of both their lives for decades to come. (Parts of their story in this documentary are told through recreations.)

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