Gulf English School’s ‘Week Without Walls’ extends student learning beyond classrooms

Doha, Qatar – 25 April 2016 (WQ):  Gulf English School (GES) annual ‘Week Without Walls’ initiative that was held recently extended student learning beyond experiences they can gain at school.  From  sports and fitness, eco learning activities, community involvement and cultural awareness in and around Doha to developing leadership skills, students took on several challenges to expand their learning outside of the classroom.

As part of the school’s mission and vision in promoting internationalism, the Week Without Walls puts students in dynamic and challenging environments, which push them to their limits and encourage them to take the lead, while also working together in groups, thinking critically to overcome problems.

This year, GES Infant School witnessed a week filled with excitement, creativity and fun.  The children loved build a bear, water days, Arabic games, a magician, Minnie Mouse paid a visit, robotics with little engineers, science made fun, PE games and lots more.

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Throughout the week, several trips were organised for junior school students, which included  trips to Aqua Park, Kayaking, MIA Park, Barzan Park and Fitness at the Farm.  They also took part in robotic with Little Engineers, Science made fun, cooking, Greek day, Art Day, Mother’s day celebrations and fitness at the school.

Secondary school students too enjoyed some great trips to Aqua Park, BBQ in the Desert, Picnic in the Park, Souq Art trip, Crossfit Gym, Kayaking and a Cooking class. In school, the students enjoyed international day, sport games, art activities and movie making.

“Our Week Without Walls program is highly anticipated each year and has been successful in promoting teamwork, inquiry and critical thinking skills. This year’s ‘Week Without Walls’ too was a resounding success, with students enjoying new sports of every description, eco-learning in the mangroves and visiting Doha’s greatest landmark, Sheikh Faisal’s Museum.Learning objectives are designed into each trip so that students maintain academic rigor and focus while enjoying their adventurous pursuits,” concluded David Frame Head of Secondary.