The £4.5million subterranean ‘iceberg’ home in one of London’s poshest postcodes that has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a cinema and a garden but is only EIGHT FEET above the ground

A unique ‘iceberg’ home which boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a cinema, wine cellar and a garden has been put on the market for £4.5million.
Just a few years ago anyone approaching the site of Langtry House, in Hampstead Heath, would be met by a row of garages.
Planning permission was given for the lock-ups to be demolished and replaced with a new family home.

But under the rules the new home wasn’t allowed to be any higher than the buildings it was replacing so architects had to design and build underground.
The result is one of London’s newest and best disguised houses having been finished in the past six months.

Despite only being around eight-feet high from outside, the living room has a 25-feet high ceiling. Pictured is the lounge area of the luxury home

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Source News: Daily Mail