Bosnia cooks try to brew the world’s largest chicken stew in Sarajevo

Around 100 cooks and several volunteers set off to break a world record for the world’s biggest stew in Sarajevo, Bosnia. They took eight hours to make over 4,100 kilograms of soup.

Sarajevo’s chefs tried to break a world record on Friday, cooking 4,124 kilograms of soup for around 14,000 people.
It took eight hours for the cooks to prepare the traditional Bosnian delicacy, also known as Bey’s soup.

“We needed 1,000 kilos of chicken meat, 150 kilos of carrots, 50 kilos of celery, up to 30 kilos of onions, 15 kilos of okra, 100 kilos of flour as well as 100 liters of oil and 50 kilos of butter,” chef Zaim Merdan told the AFP news agency.

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Dozens of volunteers helped the cooks chop meat and vegetables.
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Source News: DW