Sweden’s ‘Heroes’ wins Eurovision Song Contest 2015

Sweden’s Mans Zemerlow has won the final of the 60th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, the sixth time the country has won the competition. Facing strong contenders, Germany came away with zero points.

Mans Zelmerlow’s song “Heroes” had already proven popular with audiences in advance of the Eurovision Song Contest, being by far the most often-heard song among this year’s entries on Spotify. It registered 15 million streams on the music service, with Italy’s entry a distant second place at 2.5 million.

The song’s ingredients are an appealing melody and singer as well as his cleverly designed animated sidekick, fashioned from sophisticated projected light effects.

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The results were determined in equal measure by national juries and call-in votes from the 40-country broadcast region. Voting patterns were consistently regional, with countries frequently supporting their neighbors.
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Source News: DW