Employers taking unfair advantage of female employees at cosmetics shops

JEDDAH: Although the Ministry of Labor is opening its doors to receive complaints from private sector employees, many Saudi females employed in cosmetic and perfume shops in Madinah are not making complaints about being overworked due to fear of losing their jobs and source of income.

Shop owners in Madinah have been overworking a number of female employees, requiring them to clean shops and load shipments and supplies, despite these duties not being included in their employment contracts.

Ministry of Labor Spokesman Tayseer Al-Mofrej said in a recent statement that the feminization of women’s shops has nothing to do with work duties. “The employer and employee must commit to the articles stated in the employment contract, and in case any duties outside the agreed upon contract have not been compensated, the employee has the right to make a complaint to the labor office.”

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Source News: Arab News