US man freed after 30 years on death row

A man who spent 30 years on death row in the US state of Alabama for crimes he did not commit has been released. The case spotlights failings in the US justice system.

The man, Anthony Ray Hinton, 58, walked free from court on Friday after ballistics evidence used against him in his trial in 1986 was discredited.

He was greeted by well-wishers, friends and relatives as he came out of Jefferson County Courthouse a day after all charges against him had been dismissed.

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“Sun do shine,” Hinton said, adding: “They had every intention of executing me for something I didn’t do… I shouldn’t have sat on death row for 30 years.”

Hinton was just 29 when he was arrested for the murder of two restaurant managers during armed robberies in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1985.
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Source News: DW