Apple launches bigger iPad, new Apple TV and iPhones

With Apple’s thinner, lighter iPad Air (and now iPad Air 2) and Retina display-equipped iPad mini 3 out in the open, what’s left for Apple to do?

Our hands on review of the iPad Pro

That’s right: Apple just unveiled an even larger iPad, the iPad Pro. The slate will feature a 12.9-inch display with a 2,732 x 2,048 resolution capable of showing 5.6 million pixels.

Why the iPad Pro then?

Back in 2013, Apple did something interesting with the launch of its fifth generation iPad (aside from a total hardware revamp): gave it a new name.

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The iPad Air alluded to the Cupertino’s company adopting the naming convention of its laptop lines, the MacBook Air and Pro series, for its premiere range of tablets.

Logic would have dictated, then, that if Apple were to release an even more sizable iPad, it would be with a professional bent and named the iPad Pro. So, at today’s event we were proven correct with a newer, bigger iPad.

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