Microsoft just built the laptop I’ve been waiting for

Every year for the past three years, Microsoft has made the same bold claim: The Surface is the perfect replacement for your laptop and your tablet, a dreamy all-in-one miracle device.

But I’ve never agreed with Microsoft. Even though the Surface technically had a lot of laptop and tablet features, it didn’t do them particularly well. The trackpad and keyboard felt cheap and unresponsive. There weren’t great apps to use in tablet mode. And Windows 8 was a disaster.

The Surface always fell short of Microsoft’s promise. Until now.

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On Tuesday, Microsoft unveiled the Surface Book, a laptop with a clever hinge that lets you detach the screen from the keyboard and use it as a tablet. This is the kind of computer I’ve been waiting for, something that can do it all without compromising design or usability.

It’s light, powerful, has incredible battery life, and looks good to boot. I spent about 15 minutes playing around with a Surface Book after Microsoft’s event on Tuesday, and I can tell the company is onto something. This is the device Microsoft should’ve originally launched when it began making Surfaces three years ago.

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