New sensor technology for military helicopter pilots


New sensor technology will increase U.S. military helicopters’ ability to detect, identify, and engage targets, allowing forces to operate where adversaries cannot.

Developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Multifunction RF (MFRF) technology will reduce accidents and help troops fight effectively in low visibility environments. Common operational conditions in current war zones such as thick dust and sand can pose big challenges for pilots.

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MFRF is more than a landing aid for these sorts of challenging environments. It will enhance takeoff, hover, taxi, en route travel and landing. MFRF will also improve navigation and survivability.

The MFRF onboard sensor system can help pilots cope with ‘brownout’ and ‘whiteout’ conditions, while also preventing collisions with other aircraft, cables, and power lines.

Additionally, MFRF can help pilots avoid inconvenient weather and conduct ground mapping.

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