Qatar is a pretty safe country for expats but it does not tolerate any violation of rules or things that are deemed insensitive and demeaning to its culture, heritage, religion etc. Qatar is not as liberal as say Dubai but it isn’t as conservative as Saudi either, it is trying to maintain and follow a middle ground and expects foreigners to respect that. Today we bring you a list of things that one should avoid at all costs to remain away from trouble.

01. Improper Photography

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Taking photographs of people without their permission or taking photos of women is heavily frowned upon and can land you jail for up to one year if a complaint is filed against you. Furthermore, sharing of photos of accident victims has also been criminalised in Qatar.

02. Misusing messaging apps

Sending threatening or sexually suggestive or explicit messages to people via popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp can surely land you in trouble. Doing so can invite hefty fines and imprisonment up to 3 months under Article 330 or if prosecuted under the purview of the Law on combating electronic crimes, the imprisonment can be up to 1 year and a fine of QR100, 000.