The Ministry of Economy and Commercehas requested all vehicle agents and dealers across Qatar to post fuel efficiency tags from 2017 models onwards, in a bid to raise consumer mindfulness about the energy efficiency of vehicles.

The MEC in a statement said that the labeldetermines the vehicle’s fuel efficiency in view of fuel economy measures. The efficiency of a vehicle is the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel expended, that is the distance covered in kilometers per 1 liter of fuel consumed.

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This label of fuel efficiency expects to raise awareness, empowering the customer to settle on educated choices about which vehicle to buy and how to reduce fuel usage. The fuel efficiency label incorporates information on the manufacturer, year of the model, production year, capacity of engine, vehicle classification, mileage rating (from excellent to very poor), mileage index and fuel type.  The Ministry said that agents and dealers ought to post fuel efficiency tags on vehicles and cease from removing the stickers before selling it.

MEC statement further added that the dealers and agents are required to brief customers on vehicle’s fuel productivity, in accordance with the GCC Standardization Organization general prerequisites (choice number 42 of 2015) for engine vehicles, which stipulates the need to show the fuel efficiency label as a component of the GCC Conformity Certificate for Motor Vehicle.

The Ministry cautioned that it will escalate inspectionscampaigns to safeguard the compliance of dealers and agents, and will allude the individuals who violate laws and ministerial pronouncements to competent authorities, who will take the needed action against culprits so as to secure consumer’srights.

Several customers appreciated this move by the ministry saying it will help customers settle on the correct choices while buying cars considering the fuel efficiency. This would likewise encourage manufacturers to present new models with higher fuel effectiveness.

The MEC has requested all customers to report any violations to its Consumer Protection and Anti-Commercial Fraud Department through the given channels: Hotline: 16001, e-mail:, Twitter: @MEC_Qatar, Instagram: MEC_Qatar, MEC mobile app for Android and IOS: MEC_Qatar