celebrity couples-video

Reverse cougar couples? Meet the hot, young female celebs who have fallen for older men celebrity couples-video  

Cristiano Ronaldo-video

Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't deserve the Ballon d'Or this year Cristiano Ronaldo-video  

David Beckham rallies support

David Beckham rallies support for the fight against Ebola David Beckham: "Help UNICEF tackle the Ebola crisis." "Right now in West Africa, Ebola threatens the lives...

Video of Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama has brought her fresh-produce campaign to the most appropriately named venue yet.  Video of Michelle Obama      

(video) 2nd Texas Nurse With Ebola Had Flown to Ohio

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the second U.S. health care worker to contract the deadly Ebola virus took a Frontier...

Top Funny Video

Top Funny Video: fail Home Video Compilation 2014 -- Check out this awesome compilation of the best fails on 2014. It has funny videos.  

recognition of Palestine

British MPs back recognition of Palestine Motion adopted 274-2 by House of Commons urges government to "recognise state of Palestine alongside state of Israel". British MPs...

Black Rose Campaign (video)

Black Roses and Red Dresses In India, 23-year-old Laxmi, an acid-attack survivor and co-founder of Stop Acid Attacks, initiates the Black Rose Campaign to encourage survivors...

Front Flip in Mountain Bike History

Watch Tom Van Steenbergen Attempt The Biggest Front Flip In The History Of Mountain Biking  

The role of a sports psychologist

The role of a sports psychologist The two of them are working together to improve Bianca's chances at the amateur world mountainbiking title.     Source Video: dw.de

The semi-truck that drives itself

Mercedes-Benz has announced their self-driving semi-truck that can navigate itself through highway traffic.
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qatar airways