Official: France may investigate Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid

French authorities said they are considering launching an investigation into Qatar being awarded the right to host the 2022 World Cup.

Speaking on the French radio station Europe 1 yesterday, the country’s financial prosecutor Eliane Houlette fielded a question about launching such a probe, and answered by saying the idea remains a possibility.

“We are thinking about it, we have several elements that encourage us to investigate,” Reuters reported Houlette as saying.

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Her comments come amid allegations that senior French officials may have pressured FIFA into choosing Qatar.

Former UEFA President Michel Platini would likely be among the figures examined, but the Frenchman not be the sole focus of such an inquiry, Houlette said.

“If there is an investigation, probably the role of Mr. Platini will be essential, but the investigation will not be focused on Mr. Platini,” she said.

French authorities can investigate if they have reason to believe that their own nationals are involved in a case, or if a case or unlawful elements of the bid took place in France.

Since being awarded hosting rights in 2010, Qatar has denied allegations of wrongdoing concerning the bid. So far, there has been no strong evidence to challenge such claims.