Qatar will ‘inevitably’ be a money laundering target in 2022

Money launderers will likely try to slip into Qatar during the 2022 World Cup and attempt to take advantage of large volumes of cash changing hands during the tournament, a local expert has said.

Though Qatar already has strong measures in place to combat financial crimes, Qatar University professor Reem Al-Ansari said such issues are “inevitable” during large international events.

She said additional steps are required to respond to the risk posed when an estimated 1 million fans, football officials and journalists are expected to descend on Qatar for the 2022 tournament.

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Speaking to Doha News following a public lecture last month at Georgetown University, where she was awarded a 2015-16 fellowship, Al-Ansari said:

“It is inevitable that the numbers of people (entering Qatar) will skyrocket during the games, therefore there will be quite an active cash movement, currencies moving in and out from Qatar.”