Ashley Madison hack: Just three in every 10,000 female accounts on infidelity website are real

Just three in every 10,000 Ashley Madison members are real women, it has been revealed, as the huge scale of fake female accounts on the infidelity website was exposed.

Despite the website claiming 5.5 million of its 37 million customer accounts are “female” there was “a good chance” just 12,000 users actually are according to an analysis of the leaked data by the Editor-in-Chief of technology website Gizmodo.

Annalee Newitz began her analysis by finding out that 10,000 accounts were created with the email, implying that they were test subscriptions, of which 9,000 belonged to women with the remainder categorised as male or no gender specified.

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She then studied IP addresses, numerical ‘id cards’ for computers which reveal user location, and discovered the second most popular IP address, found in 80,805 profiles, was an address likely created on a ‘home’ computer at Ashley Madison. Almost 69,000 of the profiles created with that IP address were female – the remaining 12,000 were either male or had no sex specified.

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Source News: Independent