15 civilians killed in Boko Haram attack in SE Niger: TV

Niamey (AFP) – Fifteen civilians were killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants on a border village in southeastern Niger, state television reported, the latest deadly raid by the Islamist group.

The attack followed two months of calm in the area and took place as Muslims marked Eid al-Adha, the Feast of Sacrifice, the most important holiday of the Islamic calendar.

“We found a dreadful scene, around 15 people had been executed, four of whom were from Nigeria,” Hassan Ardo, an official from the Diffa governorate told the Tele Sahel television station.

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The attackers had also torched 22 houses, a car and a mill, he said, and left four others wounded.

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Source News: Yahoo
Photo: AFP / Olatunji Omirin