18kg cyst removed from 17-year-old girl

JEDDAH: A medical team from Ministry of Health’s Maternity and Child Hospital in Makkah removed a huge cyst from a 17-year-old girl.

The 18kg cyst was one-third of the total weight of the girl, according to a website.
The patient arrived at the hospital complaining of pain and swelling of an ovary which was creating pressure on the intestines and kidneys. The girl was having difficulty in breathing and moving due to the cyst. After examination and analysis, it was found that a huge mass filled the girl’s pelvis and abdomen.

Dr. Hilal Al-Maliki, assistant of the medical services, said that the mass, which filled the pelvis and abdomen, was 25cm by 30cm and was creating pressure on the intestines and kidneys, particularly the left ureter, and pressing on the diaphragm of the girl.

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Source News: Arab News