That’s a bit more open plan than we were hoping! Terrified owner left dangling after 44-tonne truck crashes in and nearly rip £300,000 farmhouse from its foundations

» Lorry veered off-road and left a gaping hole in property on Friday morning
» Sleeping 70-year-old owner was left dangling over the precipice in his bed
» John Rowley believes he is alive thanks to cedar tree that deflected impact
» Firefighters freed the lorry driver from vehicle who escaped without injury

A terrified homeowner was left dangling after a 44-tonne truck crashed into his farmhouse and nearly ripped it from its foundations.
The HGV ploughed into widower John Rowley’s house on Friday morning – creating a gaping hole in the front of the property.

The 70-year-old grandfather-of-two, from Sharnford, Leicestershire, was left perching precariously in his bed as falling brickwork rained down on him.

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Mr Rowley believes he is only alive thanks to a 50ft cedar tree he planted 34 years ago, which deflected some of the impact.

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Source News: Daily Mail