‘Afraid in Baghdad,’ not in Dresden

Dresden has been catching flak for poor refugee camp conditions and renewed anti-migrant protests. The city’s attempts to cope with the both issues have left refugees and locals unhappy. Kathleen Schuster reports.

“Most everyone has a cold. You can count the number of people who don’t,”a Tunisian man said of Dresden’s refugee transit camp, which currently provides accommodation to roughly 1,000 people.

The Red Cross had less than a week to plan the camp and set it up. Not long after opening in late July, stories of inhumane conditions caused by overcrowding sparked a media storm. Too few toilets, no privacy for medical consultations, tents overheating in the summer sun. There was an outbreak of scabies and fever despite medical care available to the refugees. A doctor at the camp spoke of “humanitarian catastrophe” and compared what he saw there to conditions seen only in war zones.

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Source News: DW