Justice Minister Maas: Arson on Tröglitz refugee home ‘shameful’

An arson attack on housing intended for refugees in eastern Germany has outraged and shocked German officials. Authorities have not yet confirmed the motive behind the fire was politically motivated.

The town of Tröglitz, which lies roughly 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Leipzig, has drawn national media attention in Germany in recent weeks as a far-right wing group’s campaign to keep out asylum seekers divides its local population.

In early March, the town’s mayor, Markus Nierth, resigned after neo-Nazis opposed to the local government’s decision to take in 40 refugees planned a protest directly outside of his home.

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Outside scrutiny intensified further on Saturday when Saxony-Anhalt state investigators confirmed that a fire at the asylum seekers’ housing – which is to open in mid-May – was set on purpose.
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Source News: DW