Second video sheds light on moments before Walter Scott shooting

South Carolina police have released a video taken from Michael Slager’s police car that shows the encounter that led to Scott’s death. Locals have said that for years their complaints about police violence went unheeded.

A second video released Thursday has revealed new details into the death of unarmed African American Walter Scott at the hands of white police officer Michael Slager.

Taken from the dashboard of Slager’s patrol car, the footage shows a traffic stop like any other: Scott was pulled over in a used Mercedes-Benz he had recently bought. Officer Slager walked to the driver’s side window and could be heard asking for Scott’s license and vehicle registration. When Slager returned to his car, Scott started to the get out of the car before quickly getting back inside and closing the door. Seconds later, he opened the door again and took off running.

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Within a few city blocks, Slager caught up with Scott in an empty lot. A second video, captured by a witness on his cell phone, shows Scott running away again and Slager firing eight shots in his back before he finally fell.
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Source News: DW