Lebanese media notes His Highness’s keenness to help the brothers

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She noted the emphasis of His Highness the Amir to leave domestic issues to the awareness of the Lebanese people

  Donations from Qatar and Kuwait exceed $ 100 million


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Lebanese media, channels and websites praised the contents of the speech of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, delivered by His Highness at the “International Conference for Aid and Support for the Lebanese People.”
The National Media Agency in Beirut highlighted His Highness’s assertion that the State of Qatar will announce in the coming days its contribution to the reconstruction of Beirut through the programs that will be approved, and the acceleration of Qatar’s people and institutions to meet the call of the brothers in Lebanon and to provide them with urgent relief aid worth 50 million dollars as our contribution to Relief operations to alleviate the suffering of the Lebanese people.
It also noted the dispatch of a team equipped with the Qatari Search and Rescue Group and the establishment of field hospitals.
She pointed out His Highness’s keenness on the importance of helping the international community and standing by Lebanon in order to overcome the disaster caused by the terrible explosion in Beirut’s port.

Assurances of His Highness the Amir highlighted the fact that the face of this crisis and its negative consequences of dangerous, hostage to strengthen national unity and to consolidate and intensify government efforts and community in Lebanon, the international all and community forms of assistance needed from relief until the restoration and reconstruction. “
The appeal to His Highness the international community in all its components, from countries and organizations To provide urgent financial assistance and contributions that help Lebanon overcome the painful conditions it is going through, and “leave dialogue on the internal issues of the Lebanese people, their awareness, awareness, and living forces.”
Several sites highlighted Qatar and Kuwait donations, confirming that they exceed $ 100 million to support the Lebanese people.
Al-Nahar website also highlighted the Qatari support, especially the two field hospitals, and the participation of the Qatari rescue team in search and rescue operations at Beirut Port. The imlebanon website highlighted the speech of His Highness and His Highness’s donation to Lebanon.