Boko Haram burns down houses in Nigerian towns near Baga

Boko Haram militants have killed dozens of people and burned down homes in the northeastern Nigerian town of Baga over the past two days. A local government official said that at least 16 settlements near Baga were hit.

The Islamist extremist group Boko Haram carried out attacks on at least 16 towns and villages in northern Nigeria, a government official said on Thursday. At least 100 people were killed when the militants took over the town on the edge of Lake Chad, regional politician Abba Hassan said.

Hassan’s estimate of at least 100 dead differed wildly from earlier, unconfirmed reports claiming as many as 2,000 casualties in and around Baga. A government official, speaking to news agency Reuters on condition of anonymity, rejected these reports.
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Source News: DW