Both men will be deported after serving their jail sentences

A taxi driver accused of lending his cab and a driving licence to another person to work for him so he doesn’t miss out on his daily targets has been jailed for three months.

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Abu Dhabi Criminal Court of First Instance on Tuesday handed down the jail sentence to the Ugandan man after he was found guilty of lending his driving licence to another driver and giving out his cab without permission.

The second driver, also a cabbie, will also serve three months in jail.

Court was earlier told that the Ugandan cabbie had given out his taxi car and the driving license to the second cabbie whose car had apparently been taken away from him by the company because of some work issues, which violates laws.

Besides using another person’s driving license to drive a car; exchanging cars for cabbies and without the permission of their company is also not allowed, according to the law.

Prosecutors had charged the first cabbie-owner of the taxi, with negligence as he gave out the company’s car to another person without permission.

The second driver was charged with impersonation because he presented his colleague’s driving license to the cops to appear that taxi belonged to him.

Official court documents stated that the Traffic Police caught the impersonating driver in Khalidiya area in December last year after being called by some people when the cab allegedly blocked traffic on a side road as the driver took long negotiating with the passenger as he dropped him off at his destination.

And when cops asked for his driving license, the driver, also Ugandan, gave in the one that belonged to the owner of the cab.

Police arrested the man after noticing that the driving license he presented wasn’t his.

At a previous hearing, the first cabbie admitted giving his car to his colleague to work for him because he was sick and never wanted to miss out on his targets. But he denied giving him his license to drive with it.

“I gave him my driving license to be with it and present it to company officials in case they found him with my car, but not to show it to traffic police,” the driver earlier told court.

The second man also admitted to driving colleague’s car without permission from their company but denied using his friend’s license to drive a cab.

“I had presented my colleague’s driving license to police by mistake,” the cabbie told the judge.

“I had two driving licenses with me, and when a police officer asked for my license, I was confused and picked his instead of mine.”

Both men will be deported after serving their jail sentences.