China detains 11 for alleged role in Tianjin explosions

Beijing has made multiple arrests over alleged involvement in the Tianjin warehouse disaster. Twin explosions at the chemicals warehouse in the northern port city two weeks ago killed 139 people.

The chairman and senior managers of Rui Hai International Logistics, who owned the warehouse in Tianjin, were among the 11 officials taken into police custody on Thursday, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported. The detained persons also included the owners of Rui Hai, who came on national television last week and “confessed” to using government connections to obtain safety permits.

State lawyers said they were looking into officials from government departments, including transportation management, customs, and work safety as well as the president of a state-owned port company in Tianjin. The officials were found to have been irresponsible, negligent and lax in the supervision of the site, they added.

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Source News: DW