A barrier tape is stretched in front of a closed beer garden in Stegen near the lake Ammersee, southern Germany


Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

Stay home

Across the globe an estimated 900 million people are confined to their homes, according to an AFP tally.
The majority are hemmed in by obligatory government lockdown orders while others are under curfew, in quarantine or following advice not to leave their homes.
In the US more than a third of the population are adjusting to life in various phases of lockdown.
Britain urges 1.5 million people most at risk from the virus to stay home.
Iraq declares a curfew across the country.

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Latin America and Africa

A host of countries across Latin America have started obligatory confinement — Venezuela, Argentina, El Salvador and Bolivia. On Tuesday Colombia will do the same.
In Brazil the state of Sao Paulo as of Tuesday will be under 15-day quarantine.
In Africa, Tunisia and Rwanda start nationwide confinement.

More than 13,000 dead

At least 13,444 deaths have been recorded since the virus first emerged in December, according to an AFP tally compiled at 1200 GMT on Sunday based on official sources.
There have been more than 308,130 infections reported in 170 countries and territories.
Italy has recorded 4,825 deaths out of 53,578 cases, with more than 6,000 recoveries.
China has 81,054 cases, including 3,261 fatalities and 72,244 people recovered.
The worst affected countries after Italy and China are Spain with 1,720 deaths, Iran with 1,685 deaths, France with 562 deaths, and the US with 340 deaths.

Toughening measures

Italy stops all non-essential production to guarantee the supply of essential goods, and tightens the rules of confinement with the closure of all its green spaces.
Australia, having already shut its borders to foreigners and non-residents, tells citizens to cancel their domestic travel plans.
In France more traffic restrictions are imposed and curfews are issued in several southern cities.
In Thailand the government steps up its efforts, shuttering most public spaces, from shopping malls and beauty parlours to golf courses and swimming pools.
Millions of Indians go into lockdown as the country experiments with a curfew.
Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa with 200 million people, tightens its rules, restricting religious and social gatherings in some places to 50 people.

Shutting more borders

The Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso close their borders this weekend, as do Rwanda and the Republic of Congo.
Brazil will shut its borders as of Monday to all visitors from Europe, Australia and several Asian countries.
Cuba will close its borders to non-residents on Tuesday.
Romania bars most foreigners from entering the country.