Amnesty: Cruelty drives migrants in Libya across Mediterranean

Migrants in Libya have been exposed to of abuse that force many to make the perilous journey across the Mediterranean, Amnesty International claims. Libya, once a stepping stone to Europe, has become a dangerous trap.

A report publicshed by Amnesty said many were being forced to risk their lives in dangerous Mediterranean crossings because of the cruelty, abuse and chaos they found in Libya.

The group said the situation had worsened since NATO-backed uprisings in 2011,which toppled the veteran dictator Moammar Gadhafi without establishing a succession government that was able to hold the country together.

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With powerful militias battling each other for control of the country’s considerable oil wealth, people smugglers and traffickers have sought to take advantage of the chaos.

“The ghastly conditions for migrants, coupled with spiraling lawlessness and armed conflicts raging within the country, make clear just how dangerous life in Libya is today,” said the group’s Philip Luther.
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Source News: DW