Dog Spends Over an Hour Pulling Injured Woman to Phone to Call 911

Janet Wilhem is a nurse, so she instantly knew she was in trouble after a severe fall in her garage left her pretty much stuck.

As she later found out, she had fractured her pelvis in five places, and her husband wouldn’t be home for another eight hours.

The nearest phone she could use to call for help was 20 feet away.

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Her only comfort was Mabel, the black Labrador she’d rescued three years earlier. She reached for the dog to hold her and as she grabbed for Mabel’s collar the dog started backing up.

Wilhem thought the Lab was trying to get away. It took her a while to realize Mabel was dragging her toward the phone.

Mabel kept pulling Wilhem across the floor for an hour-and-a-half until she could reach the phone and call for an ambulance.

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Source News: Good News Network