Ambush in Mexico blamed on drugs cartel kills 15 police officers

Fifteen elite state police officers have been killed in an attack on their convoy in western Mexico. It is the latest in a series of direct assaults against police combatting drug gangs.

The ambush near the village of Soyatan was a well-planned attack involving a large number of gunmen. The highway was blocked by a hijacked vehicle parked across the two-lane road and set on fire to force the convoy to stop.

Authorities reported on Tuesday that five more officers were wounded in the assault. It took place on a twisting rural highway as the convoy carrying the elite state police unit headed to the city of Guadalajara. It appeared the attackers had waited for them in a makeshift encampment for one or two days.

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It was the worst single-day loss for Mexican security forces since the start of President Enrique Pena Nieto’s two-year-old administration.
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Source News: DW