The Dubai Police has come across a case of a daughter verbally and physically assaulting her parents after they refused to give her the passport.

According to details of the case, the girl wanted the passport in order to be able to live separately from the family after getting a job.

Brigadier Dr. Mohammed Al Murr, Director of the General Department of Human Rights in the Dubai Police, said that the incident came to light when the daughter came to the human rights department and complained that her father refused to get her a passport after she found a job.

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The department then contacted the father, who was surprised by his daughter’s complaint and disclosed that the daughter had been aggressive and impolite with her parents. He added that she had beaten up her mother, and nearly hit him as well.

Al Murr said that the mother was saddened by this whole incident, and was worried by the daughter and her sisters going out and being friends with strangers.

The parents, upon finding this out, tried to discipline their daughter, who instead started assaulting them and left the house in search of a job.

The father then asked the girl to return home, but refused to give her the passport, after which she contacted the police.

Al Murr said the Women and Children Protection Section met the daughter, who denied what the father said, pointing out that they want her to live on their own and live far from the family and find a source of income.