EU agrees migration plan with Balkan leaders

In a bid to manage migrant flows, the European Union and Balkan leaders have agreed to a plan that foresees large reception centers. The centers would be established along the route from Greece to Germany.

Speaking at a joint news conference, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said the eight EU countries on the migrants’ route into Europe, together with Serbia, Macedonia and Albania, had agreed to “increase capacity to take in migrants to 100,000 places in Greece and the Balkans.”

“The only way to restore order to this situation is to slow down the uncontrolled flow of these people,” Juncker said.
Half of the places in reception centers will be in Greece, with the other 50,000 on the route through the Balkans – in countries such as Macedonia and Serbia.

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Source News: DW
Photo: The GuardianThe Guardian